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                        On October 14, 2018, on Sunday, Mr. Zheng Weiping from Chongqing Electromechanical Equipment Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jiang Hai Teacher of Chengdu Quality Center of China Quality Certification Center, and Chengdu Product Quality Inspection Institute Limited Liability ..
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                        Sichuan Zhonglian Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller of all kinds of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, box-type substations and various cable trays and busway. Has obtained all kinds of high and low voltage related certification; Chengdu Electric Equipment Trading Center has entered the seat permit; power distribution cabinet "three C" certificate; lighting distribution box "three C" certificate; AC low voltage distribution cabinet "three C" certificate; Box "three C" certificate; ISO9001 quality certification, low-voltage switchgear "three C" certificate, low-voltage reactive power compensation device "three C.. details>\u0026gt;
                        "After-sales Service Commitment" Welcome to choose the series products of Sichuan Zhonglian Electric Co., Ltd., the products of our company will provide the best after-sales service to the users after leaving the factory, and ensure that all the products of the company meet the technical specifications stipulated by the national standards, and make the following after-sales service here. Service and commitment: 1. After the product arrives at the site, our technicians can go to the site for free to assist customers in installation, commissioning, commissioning, performance testing and acceptance. 2. The warranty period of the company"s products is calculated from the factory, and three guarantees are implemented within one year. 3. Free training of customer operators, teaching product operation, maintenance, maintenance and various fault checks to achieve the actual operation and use of the user. 4...
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